Some Facts about Search Engine Optimization

Search is how people uncover information on the internet and often start their shopping journeys. In fact, around 50% of consumers use local Google or Bing search on their smartphone for visiting a brick-and-mortar store within one day. On the other hand, around 60% of total traffic to brand websites is also being driven by search.

In today’s information economy, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the intermediaries that determine what answers consumers get to their questions. Moreover, search engines are prioritizing brands and content that are effective, valuable, useful, and optimized across tablet screens and devices. Notably, the most important second when consumers are actively contemplating. In fact, many companies in marketing are providing SEO services all over the world.

Generally, attaining success means looking beyond traffic or direct response conversions and driving rankings. Hence, it’s all about optimizing the user experience on the search engine result pages. In arrangement with the full digital Eco-system, bridging owned, earned and paid.

SEO strategy

Technical audit and optimization

Content strategy and optimization

CRM integration

Campaign management

Campaign audit and optimization

Keyword research


Search Engine Optimization

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Website SEO is based on content planning and digital marketing, paired with technical SEO. However, the SEO success comes from knowledge of what your customers are searching for. What searchers are searching in terms of content, followed by the creation of useful content, confirming. It is obvious and comprehensible to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Similarly, the targeted consumers, influencers and recognized websites must follow the created content. All of these will link with them and cite the content. Moreover, when paired with conversion optimization efforts, this methodology pushes results and preferences by specifying searchers what they want.
SEO technical compliance is established in confirming that websites are properly demonstrating themselves to search engines. For examples; Google, Yahoo, and Bing. While on the other hand, search engines are constantly refining the way search crawls and indexes websites.

WebNuke’s site audit process starts with crawling the website using an industry-leading tool that simulates the way web spiders approach and follows links. For the next step, after the crawl is complete, WebNukes investigates the results. Specifically for errors, website URLs, inaccessible on-page content and tags . Additionally, it also investigates the overall optimization references.
Whether we are developing a new website or updating an existing one, SEO technical compliance best practices are deployed throughout the planning and development process to certify that SEO-friendly platforms are chosen. We at WebNukes also ensure that website functionality does not hamper SEO, besides that SEO specific tags, are properly employed to connect the value and meaning of site pages as evidently as possible.


Content plays a very significant role in search optimization. Not only does it take the pressure off media budgets by providing “free” traffic. Efficient and successful content builds consumer loyalty and positions brands as “Trendsetters” and “thought leaders” in the industry universe. To be precise, great content always pays off, metaphorically and literally.

According to Harvard journals, custom content doesn’t attract almost 55% of the consumers. Rather, they buy the products or services because of the content provider. With 50% of consumers turning to Google, Yahoo or Bing for their initial product search. Content becomes acutely critical for brands to exceed the walled garden and bond directly with their customers.

Achieving the best results from content necessitates a search strategy. That is rooted in understanding of what consumers are searching for as well as a future-forward vision into what kind of content consumers will want in both short term and long term.

Now, to build an effective Content strategy, it requires a keyword analysis. An understanding of the competitive background, industry landscape and cultural and social trends. Merging data points results in powerful content strategies that can place a brand as a leader in their desired space.

However, creating powerful content is not enough. Brands need a successful promotion plan to upkeep getting the right content in front of the right searchers, readers. Moreover, they need to apply optimization strategies to guarantee they are reacting and responding effectively to what the market demands.

Our Approach

WebNukes’s approach to crafting great content strategies and optimization plans are embedded in gathering data on the brand and the brand market. Social and cultural trends that drive social and behavioral change and most importantly keyword analysis. Merging this with the findings from an extensive set of research tools we at WebNukes understand search intent and historical learning. We at WebNukes develop pertinent audience personas that include an understanding of the relevant target consumers.

At WebNukes, through our creative team, we develop and design content in-house. Deciphering each piece of content and every messaging point will ensure success of the brand’s strategy. At WebNukes, through our search, display and social expertise, we can develop rich content promotion plans that aim the right audience. To drive traffic, spread awareness, gain social followers and increase SEO value through linking with reliable, dependent and relevant partner sites.

SEO Audit Service

We offer SEO audit services. The audit service highlights the changes that need to be made to your website to meet Google’s demands for a ‘high-quality’ website. Generally, you need to ensure your site is optimized, meets certain prerequisites.

As a leading search engine optimization agency, WebNukes understands how to improve your search engine rankings. We at WebNukes begin by determining the effectiveness of your current campaign through a quick SEO services.

Our SEO audit analyzes your website and specified pages for any targeted keyword or key phrase. We examine 1 page of your site at a time. Our audit tool is directly aligned with Google’s ranking algorithm, which ranks Web pages, not entire websites. It provides accurate results and useful tips for rocketing your organic search ranking.


72% of online shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores. Online sales are a enormous segment of product revenue, yet only 29% of small businesses in Pakistan. On the other hand, 21% businesses in US are selling their products online, and far less are optimizing their sites to draw their target market. E-commerce SEO services cover a greater breadth and depth of customer movement than what applies to lead generation websites.

E-commerce websites often have great product catalogs with thousands of SKU’s. Thousands of Web pages to optimize, complex identical content issues (especially concerning product pages), lack of unique content, across the entire website, poor URL structure, and a flawed product category strategy. An e-commerce SEO agency must be an expert at strategic planning.

We at WebNukes have an expertise in several SEO and SEO related Internet marketing disciplines. And acquire extremely strong campaign management skills. Following are a few important components of an e-commerce SEO campaign:

The Components

Product categorization is a fundamental factor in e-commerce SEO, and may need modifications — anything from a few tweaks here and there to a complete revamp. A sound product categorization strategy must appropriately highlight pages for Google. So that the search engine can discriminate more significant from less important pages, and yet also must make comprehensive intelligence and sense to human users of the website.

Keyword research is a broad and extensive characteristic of e-commerce SEO services, an immense project in and of itself. Since e-commerce companies depend on organic traffic for a major percentage of their sales. They must seize traffic from not just a handful of high-volume strategic keywords. But also from the thousands of related keyword terms of which the combined volume is sizeable.
On-site content production is also important for an e-commerce SEO services. Existing content at the product page level, category page level, and company blog page must be optimized. Regularly updated, and additional pages must be created to upkeep the several keywords for which the site must be optimized.
Additionally, the on-page content itself, title tags must be optimized and written consistently, totaling a significant amount of time to this segment of SEO activity. We optimize your eCommerce website and digital marketing channels to draw and convert your most coveted target audiences and prospects.